3000° Festival 2019

For the third time in a row we were invited to the 3000° Festival by Fortschritt3000. Unlike the years before we didn’t create the design of the Walbühne this year, but set up the design we had built for the Sonnendeck at Fusion festival at the Utopia Stage.

Dockville 2019

Voodoo Playground In 2019 Kopf & Steine invited us back to the Dockville Festival in Hamburg. We continued working on the structures we had created in 2018 and expanded the area in all directions. Beachbar In cooperation with Kopf&Steine and Bacardi we added another floor to the Dockville Festival. The …

Fusion Sonnendeck 2019

No other place brings together such a vast variety of people, arts and music as the Fusion Festival.This year we had the honor to design and create one of their biggest floors. Fortschritt3000 asked us to design the “Sonnendeck” floor, so we built a 28m long and 12m high stage …

Freqs of Nature 2018

In 2018, the Freqs of Nature festival took place for the last time. We were tasked to design the forestfloor once more. The main piece of the installation was a wooden, six-armed robot. Each arm was equipped with a different tool. Pliers, a chainsaw, a drill, a working flamethrower and …

3000° Festival 2017

Das 3000° Festival ist ein jährliche stattfindendes Musik-und Kulturfestival. 2017 wurden wir mit der Gestaltung der Hauptbühne beauftragt. Mit einem kleinen Team haben wir ein Bühnendesign inspiriert von lateinamerikanischer Muster entworfen und gebaut.